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14 Nov 2023
The olive branch remains outstretched...but we are increasingly nervous.
Protestations in recent days risk the chance to work and collaborate together for everyone’s benefit.
07 Nov 2023
AgForce to celebrate National Ag Day.
Join AgForce next week to celebrate National Ag Day.
07 Nov 2023
Applications are now open for the Lachlan Hughes Foundation 2024 Program.
Young Australians who are passionate about regenerative agriculture are invited to come on a learning journey in 2024.
07 Nov 2023
Future Drought Fund public consultation is coming to a location near you.
Seeking your feedback on how drought resilience funding under the Future Drought Fund should be spent from 2024 to 2028.
07 Nov 2023
All roads lead to Longreach.
AgForce Northern Forum and dinner in conjunction with Board Meeting and AGMs to be held in Longreach.
31 Oct 2023
AgForce Producer of the Year award!
Recognising AgForce members who strive to promote and reinforce AgForce values and their significant contribution to the agriculture industry.
31 Oct 2023
Lay Spaying Accreditation Scheme.
Spayers must now be accredited to perform the Willis Dropped Ovary Procedure and can become accredited through an RPL training package.
31 Oct 2023
Engaging with agriculture at Moo Baa Munch.
Over 1000 school students participated in Moo Baa Munch, Toowoomba immersing themselves in all things ag.
31 Oct 2023
AgForce adds its voice to the national Campaign against anti-farming policies.
Add your voice to this vitally important campaign for our collective future.
31 Oct 2023
Queensland Bushfires: Disaster Impact Survey.
Information and links for assistance during and following the Queensland bushfires.