Published 2 July 2024. 

AgForce have tentatively got a conference with our Kings Counsel Jonathan Horton on 16 July to brief us on our case for the Federal Court.

This allows time to receive and digest the Outline of Argument from the Commonwealth and CTSCo (due to be filed 7 July) where they must lay out their defence for the Judge in a no more than 20-page document.

Avoiding the financial and emotional costs of court remains our preference – but we have retained our Court dates so that if the Federal Minister for the Environment does not call in the decision of 9 February 2022 for review, we can seek that review through the court process. NB Interestingly and noteworthy is that we are still waiting for the Qld Government to rule on the CTSCo project (only the EIS has been rejected at this stage) and to hear from CTSCo as to whether it still wishes to push forward with the project. Perhaps they are waiting to see if there is a change of state government!
For more information and/or to donate to the cause, please click here. Our court dates are set for 1 and 2 August in the Federal Court in Brisbane.