AgForce is a peak organisation representing Queensland's rural producers. We exist to ensure the long-term growth, viability, competitiveness, and profitability of broadacre industries of cattle, grain, cane, sheep and wool in Queensland.

Did you know?
AgForce members manage over 51,580,534 ha, which means 35% of all agricultural land in Queensland (Source: ABARES, 2016), and 30% of all of mainland Queensland (Source: Geoscience Australia).

Credible and trusted

We value our credibility and the trust placed in us. Our high-quality activities, services and communications show that we are authentic, reliable, and trustworthy. We inspire confidence with professionalism and integrity.

Accessible and approachable

We value the connection we have with our stakeholders, particularly our members. We are dedicated to open, user-friendly, and easily understood communication. We invite and encourage interaction from our members and make sure that the channels used to reach us are convenient, pro-actively monitored, and readily available.

Committed to our community

We value and are committed to the communities in which we operate. We fight for the long-term sustainability of agriculture and regional and rural communities, knowing that they underpin the continued success of our cities, state, and country.

Passionate leadership

We value the unique, enthusiastic, and aspirational personal commitment that drives the people who work with us. We believe that authority and influence come from a commitment to serve, learn and to continually improve.

Making a difference

We value the impact we make on the lives of others. Our varied and innovative work has the power to inspire change in both practical and profound ways.

Our history

AgForce was born out of the need for a single, united voice for broadacre producers with the merging of the Cattlemen's Union of Australia, the Queensland Graingrowers Association and the United Graziers' Association in 1999.

Each of these organisations represented their respective members on agri-political issues. Together, the three groups had a vision of bringing broadacre producers in a single, unified association. This organisation is now known as AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited.

Our success has been built on the strengths of our predecessor organisations, but we have also embraced many different philosophies in its aim to ensure the long-term growth, viability, competitiveness, and profitability of broadacre industries.

Our organisation

AgForce is a not-for-profit which has over 5500 members. Our structure comprises of a state board, four commodity boards, and five regional councils supported by staff under the management of a Chief Executive Officer.

AgForce's leadership team is made up of representatives elected by our membership.

Our elected representatives work alongside a dedicated team of policy and regional staff as the voice of primary producers, their families, and regional communities.

The AgForce board sets the policy direction for the organisation and identifies its agenda of priority policy areas every two years. These priorities strategically target the issues thought to be most important to Queensland broadacre agriculture.


We have a selection of primary producers who contribute to the future policy direction of the organisation and the agricultural industry.

The priority policy areas are resourced with dedicated policy development committees made up of skilled and passionate members with experience in the relevant policy area.

Committee members are selected through an open nomination process from within the membership.

AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited

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