Resources for the Agricultural sector.
09 Jan 2024
Biosecurity during recovery from flooding.
During recovery from flooding, biosecurity is a key priority to help protect your property and livestock from weeds, pests and diseases.
05 Jan 2024
Agriculture and Land Sector Plan
Submission to the consultation process regarding the development of the Land and Agricultural Sector Plan. Ref: MG/DC
20 Dec 2023
AgForce Cane - 2023 Year in Review
19 Dec 2023
Sustainable Finance Strategy
Submission to The Treasury in the consultation process regarding the Sustainable Finance Strategy. Ref: MG/AR/GG23093
11 Dec 2023
Proposed Amendments to the Regional Planning Interests Act (RPI Act)
Submission to provide comment on the Proposed Amendments to the RPI Act and Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014 (RPI Regulation). Ref: MG/AF/GG2308
08 Dec 2023
Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) Reform – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (C-RIS)
Submission as part of National Transport Commission (NTC)'s Heavy Vehicle National Law Review. Ref: MG/SF/GG23081
08 Dec 2023
Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) – Product Service Review
Submission to RIC for the review of farm business concessional loans, current sector priorities and emerging industry needs. Ref: MG/SF/GG23082
07 Dec 2023
Improved Regulatory Efficiency
Submission to the Department of Resources in response to the Improved Regulatory Efficiency Consultation Paper. Ref: MG/AF/GG23078
04 Dec 2023
Coexistence Institutions & CSG-Induced Subsidence Management Framework
Submission on the Coexistence Institutions & CSG-induced Subsidence Management Framework. Ref: MG/AF/GG23080
04 Dec 2023
Legislative Enhancements to Mining Claims
Submission to the Department of Resources in response to the Legislative Enhancements of Mining Claims Consultation Paper. Ref: MG/AF/GG23077