Resources for the Agricultural sector.
22 Sep 2023
AgForce Submission Land Valuation Amendment Bill 2023
Submission of review comments regarding Land Valuation Amendment Bill 2023. Ref: MG/NH/GG23056_TRC
19 Sep 2023
Department of Environment and Science has released new Protected Plants mapping.
The annual update for Protected Plants (version 10) was released 6 Sept 2023.
12 Sep 2023
Spaying Cattle using Willis Dropped Ovary Procedure - Course Outline
Course outline for students to conduct cattle spaying using the Willis Dropped Ovary Procedure.
12 Sep 2023
Caution to primary producers: restrictions on movement of materials due to fire ants.
Fire ant compliance activities to scale up across region.
05 Sep 2023
Fire ant treatment season is here!
Treatment teams will start work in the new eradication treatment area next month.
04 Sep 2023
Wind Farm Code (State Code 23) Submission
Review of the Wind Farm Code (State Code 23) & Accompanying Guidelines. Ref: MG/AF/GG20351
01 Sep 2023
Submission Drought Declaration Framework
Submission to the review of Queensland's drought declaration process - Ref: MG/SF/GG23050
28 Aug 2023
Ag Inspirations Monto
Monto SHS students recently undertook an Ag Inspirations event in their region investigating the diverse range of career opportunities and pathways.
24 Aug 2023
SDRIC Climate Change on QLD Agricultural Production
Submission to the inquiry into the impact and risks of the climate variability on Queensland agricultural production. Ref: MG/SF/GG23048
09 Aug 2023
Policy Position: Cultural Heritage