Resources for the Agricultural sector.
08 Dec 2023
Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) Reform – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (C-RIS)
Submission as part of National Transport Commission (NTC)'s Heavy Vehicle National Law Review. Ref: MG/SF/GG23081
07 Dec 2023
Improved Regulatory Efficiency
Submission to the Department of Resources in response to the Improved Regulatory Efficiency Consultation Paper. Ref: MG/AF/GG23078
04 Dec 2023
Coexistence Institutions & CSG-Induced Subsidence Management Framework
Submission on the Coexistence Institutions & CSG-induced Subsidence Management Framework. Ref: MG/AF/GG23080
14 Nov 2023
NHVR - Risk Based Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme
Submission to NHVR - Risk Based Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme Standard and Assurance Framework discussion paper - Ref: MG/RT/GG23074
13 Nov 2023
Future Gas Strategy
Submission to the Department of Industry, Science & Resources in response to the Future Gas Strategy Consultation Paper. Ref: MG/AF/GG23073
10 Nov 2023
Review of Powers and Penalties Under the Environmental Protection Act
Submission to the Department of Environment and Science in response to the review of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld) (the Act). Ref: MG/AF/GG23
13 Oct 2023
Consultation in to the Regulatory Proposals for the Ergon Energy Network and Energex 2025-2030 Draft Plans
Submission to Energy Queensland following the publication of the Ergon & Energex 2025-30 Draft Plans. Ref: MG/AF/GG23064
13 Oct 2023
AgForce Queensland Farmers (AgForce) Submission to the Introduction of the Biosecurity Protection Levy: Consultation Paper
Submission to the Commonwealth government’s Biosecurity Protection Levy consultation. Ref: GS/AR/GG23063
03 Oct 2023
ACCU Review Discussion Paper
Extension request for submission to DCCEEW regarding the ACCU Review Implementation Plan. Ref: MG/GG23062
26 Sep 2023
Gas Supply and Other Legislation (Hydrogen Industry Development) Amendment Bill 2023.
AgForce's formal submission for the Transport and Resource Committee’s consideration - Ref: MG/SF/GG23028