15 March 2024.

15th March 2024

 Department of Transport and Main Roads

Submission via online survey

Q1 – Name and Organisational Details.


AgForce have significant concerns regarding the mandatory requirement of telematics systems. This is an unreasonable requirement for agricultural vehicles that only engage in oversize / over mass loads a few times a year.

This program is commencing with oversize / over mass loads, but AgForce understand it is the gateway to implementation across the entire heavy vehicle network and we do not agree with the direction TMR are heading.

This tool will be used to re-route agricultural heavy vehicles significant distances due to the department's inability to fund roads and bridges that are critical to supply chains and the nation’s food security. It also puts the cost burden of extra travel distances back on primary producers.

AgForce would like clarification from the department as to how this will integrate with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators National Network Map.

The stakeholder engagement for this project was not sufficient. There was the opportunity to attend 1 virtual meeting where videos, microphones and the chat functionality were disabled by the moderator. This does not speak for an open and collaborative approach.

A 5 question online survey (2 of which are multiple choice) is not an appropriate way, in isolation, to implement significant changes in a states heavy vehicle access regime.

Submission completed with the guidance of the AgForce Transport Committee.

For further information or to discuss this submission in more detail please contact Ruth Thompson, Policy Director, via email ( or by phone (0427 472 467).