11 April 2022. 

AgForce advocacy is at heart of the biggest win yet in the critical co-existence conversation – albeit we have a long way to go.

Due partially to our work, but also due the excellent work of others, these two recent major successes on behalf of landholders are worthy of celebration:

  • Commercial providers of farm insurance have placed a ‘landholder indemnity clause’ in policies that allow ongoing insurance critical to farming operations. AgForce partner IAG was instrumental in this work, as was the Insurance Council of Australia
  • We now have further clarity (through a new State Government webpage) about regulatory protections provided to landholders in relation to the rehabilitation and decommissioning of infrastructure along with the state’s liability in relation to legacy gas infrastructure. 

The Australian Bankers Association and Insurance Council of Australia have both been advised of these outcomes - ensuring those industries continue to provide critical finance and insurance to landholders who have gas infrastructure on or under their properties. 

AgForce will continue to provide updates as we advocate for stronger regulatory protections for landholders under co-existence, including adoption of our Land Use Protection Principles and the need for formal agreements between miners and landholders, whether infrastructure is proposed on or below a landholder’s property.