Board approved: January 2020.
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AgForce requires that alternative and potentially impacting land uses ensure:

  1. There is a recognition that natural capital has inherent value
  2. Human health and well-being must not be sacrificed
  3. A precautionary approach that avoids negative legacy effects on natural resources including air, soil, water and biodiversity
  4. There are no negative impacts on existing or future sustainable agricultural opportunities.


  • Recognise that resources are finite
  • All projects are assessed on environmental, social and economic criteria
  • There is a formal mechanism for agriculture to be involved in assessment
  • Projects should not be assessed in isolation and cumulative impacts assessed
  • Potential impacts need to be objectively and accurately quantified rigorously and independently reviewed
  • Agricultural landholders to have equal representation, available resources and bargaining power.


  • All projects must have comprehensive monitoring and transparent reporting
  • Non-compliance will trigger cease work
  • Enforcement is primarily the responsibility of government, but landholders must have a right to compel action
  • Industry and Government must proactively identify and manage cumulative impacts, both individual project cumulative impacts and multiple projects cumulative impacts.


  • Land needs to be rehabilitated to pre-existing natural conditions
  • Financial assurance needs to be adequate for rehabilitation.