Board endorsed March 2017. Current as of 9 April 2021.
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The very nature of Australian agriculture means it operates in a highly variable business environment.

Dry periods are a recurring feature, and if climate change projections are anything to go by, they are likely to become more frequent as seasonal variability is more pronounced.

For farmers, it means an adaptable business management strategy is paramount to take account of these risks, and steps must be taken to enable rural communities to prepare.

Australia needs an enduring drought policy.

AgForce has developed a new approach to drought policy, which aims to move industry from responding in crisis to empowering producers to better manage climate risks.

We support:

  • Empowering producers
  • Mutual obligation between producers and government
  • Shared industry and government leadership
  • A broad collaborative approach
  • Science-based policy development
  • Continuous improvement mindset

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