Board endorsed 2012. Current as of 7 April 2021.
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Foreign investment has long been a feature of agriculture in Australia, and long may it continue.

This much-needed capital increases the potential for agricultural development and provides trade opportunities.

But transparency is key to securing community confidence that foreign investment is in our national interest.

As a result, AgForce supports appropriate government scrutiny and oversight of this investment, without reducing the attractiveness of Australia as an investment destination. 

Given the benefits that have flowed from foreign investment and with the capacity to minimise any risks through appropriate monitoring and regulation, AgForce has adopted a policy position of not opposing commercially-motivated foreign investment in broadacre agriculture provided that it:

  • Does not compromise market transparency, competition or pricing mechanisms.
  • Does not distort resource allocation or agricultural land use.
  • Is effectively monitored, including industry-relevant investment disclosure thresholds, and regulated to ensure Australia's national interests are not compromised.

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