3 July 2024.

The Federal Government’s policy to ban live sheep exports by sea from 1 May 2028 was passed into law last night, despite several Nationals, Liberal and Independent senators vocalising their opposition to the bill.

This is a devastating blow to farming communities in Western Australia and to the entire agricultural industry.

AgForce strongly opposes the legislation and claims Labor’s rushed actions demonstrates an explicit disregard for proper process, wilful ignorance to extensive science-based evidence, and an obvious disrespect to the agricultural industry nationwide.

AgForce CEO Michael Guerin says the decision sets a dangerous precedent for all farmers.

“The industry has worked extremely hard and has delivered more than what it’s been asked in terms of setting strong animal welfare standards, yet it’s been shut down.”

“It sets a dangerous precedent that essentially says it doesn’t matter if you abide by all the regulations and go above and beyond, political interference overrides everything.”

AgForce Sheep, Wool and Goats President Stephen Tully says last nights’ decision shows unjust government processes.

“The Albanese government’s stifled and rushed debate demonstrates Labor’s contempt for farmers and Australia’s agricultural industry.”

“The legislation announcement comes after the Keep the Sheep Petition against the legislation hit over 63,000 signatures yesterday.” 

AgForce stands with all those affected by the decision made last night and will continue to raise awareness to the hardships it will place on Western Australia’s rural communities.

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