1 July 2024.

Today, July 1 2024, AgCarE steps out from under AgForce’s development wing to become a separate entity.

AgCarE’s purpose is to involve producers as an equal in important conversations around food security, industry sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community contribution.

The AgCarE product is built by producers, for producers. It offers the opportunity to be recognised for looking after landscapes whilst producing food and fibre. It allows producers to tell their story to market, supply chains and the wider community in a verifiable and scientifically valid way.

AgCarE is a tool that allows landholders to identify and baseline all elements of Natural Capital on property, build returns from that Natural Capital, and look for opportunities to reduce farm costs.   

Good governance is a critical foundation of AgCarE with an interim board being appointed to start the search for ongoing directors and a permanent Chief Executive. This team consists of AgForce directors Georgie Somerset, Christine Hayward, Shane McCarthy and Kelly Ostwald.  While permanent appointments are being made, AgForce’s CEO Michael Guerin will take on the additional responsibility of Interim CEO role with AgCarE.  

AgCarE Interim CEO Michael Guerin says the past 12 months has seen the product bring value to producers.

“Having completed or underway 48 fully paid AgCarE assessments during the last 12 months, this product has shown the value of understanding a property level Natural Capital baseline and allowing better decision making with understanding the monetisable and non-monetisable Natural Capital assets on property.”  

AgCarE Chair Georgie Somerset says the spin out of AgCarE will provide great opportunities moving forward.

“This represents an exciting moment for AgCarE with it being important to recognise the thousands of hours put into its development by our dedicated AgForce members since 2019.”

“It is a unique product that has real prospects in underpinning and supporting producers in what they do.”

For media comment:

AgCarE Interim CEO – Michael Guerin 0488 002 092

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