25 June 2024.

The Albanese Government’s proposed Bill to phaseout live sheep exports by sea has been supported by a recently released advisory report, on the recommendation that the industry receive more funding.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture released the report on Friday, that would allow the ending of live sheep exports by sea from the 1st of May 2028.

The Committee has recommended that the Bill be passed and that the Australian Government considers making additional funding to support the transition.

AgForce strongly opposes the Export Control Amendment (Ending Live Sheep Exports by Sea) Bill, due to its long-term impacts on industry.

It is estimated there will be over 3500 families that will be worse off as a direct result of the proposed Bill and AgForce will continue to show support for these families.

AgForce Sheep, Wool and Goats Board President, Stephen Tully, says he is appalled by the disingenuous politics. 

“This decision is evidence that the Federal government has no understanding of the live sheep export trade, the economic stimulus it provides to the Australian economy, nor the significant benefit it provides in feeding the populations of our Middle Eastern trading partners.”

AgForce Sheep, Wool and Goats Policy Director, Jaime Colley, calls for a Senate inquiry into the Bill.

“A Senate inquiry is absolutely necessary, one that is held over an adequate period of time to allow proper consideration of the impacts of this decision, with the opportunity for public hearings to guarantee industry perspective is heard.”

“The Committee’s decision to green light the ban on live sheep exports is extremely disappointing and thoughtless,” says Ms Colley.

“It is deplorable that the live sheep export industry is being sacrificed for an ill-driven election promise that is not founded on science.”

AgForce will continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with sheep producers, and wider communities across Australia, to continue the fight against the ban on live sheep export. Australian agriculture feeds the world, and it is vital that we protect it.

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