13 May 2024. Last updated 13 May 2024.

The Qld Government has given people a fortnight to comment on the Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024, despite the explanatory notes alone being 100 pages long.

The Queensland Community Safety Bill 2024 amends at least 12 different Acts, including the Weapons Act, the Explosives Act, the Criminal Code and the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act.

A quick read through the Bill shows some truly frightening things including the power to strip firearms licences from people because of things their family members do, forcing people to take down social media posts the authorities don’t like, and expanding the situations where police can search people without a warrant.


Community “Consultation” on the Bill is only open until May 16th – not nearly long enough for people to properly go through it and put a proper submission together.

The explanatory notes for the Bill are here

The submission period must be delayed to allow Queenslanders a proper chance to consider the Bill, and we need your help.

We need everyone to URGENTLY e-mail the following people and request they extend the time available for consultation on this Bill, to allow stakeholders and citizens alike proper time to go through it, analyse it, and put together a proper submission: