6 February 2024.

Peter with his wife Kimble and children operate a grazing business at ‘Beaconsfield’ near the township of Ilfracombe where they run predominately merino sheep.  Prior to them taking over the family business in 2014, Peter had worked across a number of different agricultural fields including the QLD DAF (DPI), grain storage and marketing and rural finance. 

Peter said "There has been a lot of work put into exclusion fencing over the past 10 or so years to help protect and foster the small stock industry. This now provides a platform for a profitable and sustainable industry through exploration and adoption of advances in animal production. On farm investment in genetics, husbandry techniques, infrastructure, land management/grazing practices and feral animal and weed control can now be made with greater confidence. However the industry is never without it's next wave of challenges, I hope I can contribute in some way to the work Agforce does in representing Queensland’s rural producers."