12 December 2023. updated 30 January 2024.

You are invited to apply to become a key player in Queensland’s ongoing commitment to biosecurity excellence through our Biosecurity Mates Ambassador Program. Application close 9th February 2024. 

About the program:
The Biosecurity Mates Ambassador Program will appoint 6 biosecurity ambassadors across Queensland. The program will create a collective of committed representatives focused on educating, advocating, and supporting measures to enhance Queensland's biosecurity resilience and preparedness.

Who should apply?
We are seeking passionate individuals with proven expertise and leadership in the field of biosecurity. If you are an emerging industry leader or an expert in sectors such as agriculture, environment, science, or technology, we encourage you to apply. Your commitment to enhancing Queensland’s biosecurity resilience and preparedness, coupled with a desire to educate and advocate, makes you an ideal candidate.

If selected, you will be invited to attend an official Ministerial announcement, followed by an induction and training session to equip you for your role as a biosecurity ambassador.

This is an exceptional opportunity to be part of a transformative initiative that will shape the future of Queensland’s biosecurity landscape.

To apply or learn more, please visit our engagement hub.