24 October 2023.

TradeMutt is a social enterprise workwear company that makes funky, eye-catching workwear designed to start conversations about mental health making an invisible issue impossible to ignore. Working with TradeMutt, AgForce now have our own custom designed shirt available for purchase by members.

TradeMutt donates 50% of their profit to TIACS – This is a Conversation Starter – a mental health service for tradies, truckies, farmers and blue-collar workers. You wear your AgForce TradeMutt shirt, this starts a conversation, have a chat, lift up the pocket flap and scan the QR code to access TIACS for free. 

Join the community – buy an AgForce TradeMutt shirt featuring our four commodities, and emblazoned with every family needs a farmer on the back. 

How to order:
1. Download AgForce Members Uniform Booklet 
2. Fill in the order form online or print if preferred
3. Email form to