3 October 2023.

Harvesting has begun, which raises the risks of fire due to machinery being prone to catch on fire. Help to reduce the risk of fire by sharing with your crop harvesting team the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC) ‘Reducing harvest fires’ checklist and this harvester forum video.

Top tips for grain growers include:

  • keep cartable water in the field to fight fire
  • regularly clean down machinery to reduce fuel load
  • monitor bearings with an infrared temperature gun
  • monitor ambient conditions, be guided by the index provided on page six of the pocketbook, and consider ceasing harvesting in extreme conditions
  • ensure an electrical system isolator is used
  • maintain the fuel system
  • maintain and keep airflow systems clear
  • check concave doors are well sealed (minimise dust leakage which may contact hot surfaces)
  • have at least two filled appropriate fire extinguishers in your harvester’s cabin
  • ensure the harvest team has a plan and understands their responsibilities in the event of a fire.