19 September 2023.

The annual update for Protected Plants (version 10) was released 6 Sept 2023.  What has changed since 2022:

  • Version 10 has incorporated areas where critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and near threaten (CEVNT) plants are likely to be present based upon the modelled presence of highly suitable habitat for 73 Critically Endangered/Endangered species.  This is up from 72 in 2022.
  • This version also incorporates changes and updates to the Nature Conservation Act (NCA) species conservation status that occurred in November 2022 and proposed changes for April 2023.  The changes in NCA status and processing of new records have resulted in a net increase of 7 species incorporated in version 10 in comparison to version 9 (2022).
  • The results of a spatial comparison between version 10 and 9:
    • Version 10 – total area 3,679,293.1 ha, 2.13% coverage of Queensland.  An increase of 70,462 ha.
    • Reduction in area (was in V9, removed from V10) – 49,232 ha.
    • New areas (not in V9, added to V10) – 119,695 ha.
  • More information is available here.

Department of Resources is expected to release a major update of Vegetation Management Act (VMA) mapping soon, this could include:

  • Regulated Vegetation
  • Regional Ecosystem
  • Essential Habitat
  • Wetlands
  • Watercourses

Once this data is released AgForce will prepare the 2023 member property vegetation GeoPDF maps for all full (GVP and cane) members.  Members will be notified when these maps are available in their portal.  Members are encouraged to complete their annual vegetation map review as you may experience changes since the 2022 mapping.  More information will be available soon after the release of this new mapping.