29 August 2023. By AgForce CEO Michael Guerin.

In the heart of our nation's thriving agriculture industry lies an opportunity with immense potential for growth, sustainability, and cultural enrichment – ongoing Indigenous engagement.

As we navigate an era of increasing challenges and opportunities, and with Australia’s Voice referendum imminent, it is crucial that we recognise and leverage the knowledge, perspectives, and practices that our communities bring to the table.

Many in our membership have developed effective collaborative agreements with their local Indigenous connections, and we can learn from these.

We have Indigenous members running sustainable businesses and we seek to continue to support them growing and expanding into the future.

From sustainable land management techniques to a deep understanding of local ecosystems, Indigenous insights can and do enable us to foster a harmonious relationship with the landscapes we depend upon.

Indigenous engagement isn't just a moral imperative; it's a practical necessity.

As external change poses threats to our farming systems, we must carry on tapping into the age-old resilience that Indigenous communities have honed over centuries.

By incorporating their knowledge, we can continue to enhance our adaptive capacity, ensuring food security for generations to come.

But this engagement must go beyond a mere transactional exchange of ideas.

It necessitates building authentic partnerships that respect Indigenous cultural values, and aspirations.

Our industry should be characterised by mutual learning, where traditional wisdom is integrated with modern agricultural advancements.

This synergy can foster innovation, opening doors to novel approaches that benefit not only farmers but also the environment.

At AgForce we stand committed to driving this conversation, and as such have now endorsed our first Indigenous Engagement Policy.

As we forge ahead in a rapidly evolving world, let us remember that progress is most meaningful when it is shared.

The agriculture industry stands at a crossroads, with the opportunity to draw upon the rich tapestry of Indigenous knowledge.

It's time to take another step together - for the betterment of our land, our communities, and our shared future.

AgForce Indigenous Engagement Policy Position