31 January 2023.

Are you a consultant working in northern Australia?

AgForce is supporting NT farmers in its quest for feedback from consultants who service and help graziers with development applications in Western Australia, Queensland, and Northern Territory.

This could be for any type of application, including vegetation management (clearing), water permits/licencing/dams or even changes to pastoral leases to allow fodder/hay production.

The feedback will enable phase two of the CRCNA project Supporting Landholder Capacity for Quality Agricultural Development Applications across Northern Australia.

This project is a CRCNA-funded project with partners across Northern Australia, including NT Farmers, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Ass., ORDCO, Kimberly Pilbara Cattlemen’s Ass., Queensland Farmers Federation, and AgForce.

We understand that your time is valuable therefore we have options on how you can be involved. We will also with the permission of consultants share your contact details in a directory list with industry project partners.

For more information about the project and how you can be involved please email or ring project officer Tahna Jackson on 0409 357 211.