21 November 2022.

It’s official – our pioneering AgCarE project is now up and running.

Four years in the making, this ground-breaking scheme was designed as a way for landholders to measure their natural capital condition, broaden their income streams, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Through AgCarE, our producers are now assessing their natural capital and actively identifying potential carbon, biodiversity and environmental offset saving projects on their land.

What sets this apart from other carbon schemes is that it has been developed by farmers for farmers and therefore considers the types of issues – the rewarding and the challenging – that come from years of first-hand experience working the land. 

Importantly, it puts landholders in the driver’s seat, allowing them to take control of their natural assets and giving them a voice they otherwise might not have.

What’s more, AgCarE benefits not only producers and agriculture, but also our landscapes and the environment. 

AgCarE assessments are available right now! Visit AgForce’s AgCarE website to complete the expression of interest form, request a quote, or download a short technical report. Please note that AgForce members are eligible for discounted rates using the code 22MSHIP.

Want a more personal touch? Email the AgForce team on or phone 07 3236 3100.