Hazard management is the process of identifying what may cause an injury or illness in the workplace and deciding what may happen as a result. Once hazards in the workplace have been identified and assessed, priorities can be set determining what action is to be taken to eliminate or control the hazard.

Worker responsibilities

  • As you go about your work, you may identify hazards that could present a health and safety risk to you, your colleagues and others. It is every workers responsibility to identify and report any such hazards to management.
  • Where you identify a hazard, if it is safe to do so, immediately take steps to prevent this hazard from posing a health or safety risk. If you cannot fix the problem, you are required to report it to management immediately and complete the Hazard Report Form.
  • In addition, where an inspection of the workplace is taking place, you should inform the person conducting the inspection of any ongoing health and safety concerns you have.
  • All workers will be given the opportunity to express their views and contribute in a timely manner to the resolution of health and safety issues that affect them. These views will be valued and taken into account by those making decisions.

This is an extract from the current AgForce Safety Management System (SMS). To view the full toolkit: Click Here

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