16 June 2022. 

AgForce has welcomed the latest report from the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF), which proves there has never been a better time to eat Aussie beef.

The 2022 update, released today, firmly cements Australia’s position as a nutritional powerhouse – revealing the country has delivered 32.3 billion portions of red meat globally in the past year.

Figures show the industry has more than halved its CO2 emissions since 2005, recording a reduction of 58.21 per cent in 2019.

What’s more, animal welfare continues to be a priority - not only in herd management practices but also combating biosecurity risks such as the current threats of foot and mouth and lumpy skin disease.

AgForce Cattle Board President Will Wilson applauded the strong performance – a reflection of how seriously producers take their responsibilities towards animals, the environment, and consumers.

“We can certainly stand proudly on the global stage,” he said.

“Our beef contains 12 essential nutrients recommended for good health and is an excellent source of iron, zinc and omega-3, and we are driving productivity to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

“Our producers are also stewards of the environment and are acutely aware of their responsibility to care for the country’s natural assets.

“As an industry we take great responsibility and accountability in working towards nature positive goals - soil, vegetation, water and biodiversity are always front of mind.

“This report is an undeniably good news story that needs to be told.

“The Australian cattle industry is a world leader when it comes to sustainable vegetation management – an achievement that producers, consumers, and investors can all be proud of.”

Mr Wilson said success had come despite the challenges of recent years - COVID-19 export bans, drought, floods and fires – which had taken their toll on farmers.

“The industry is still fighting the effects of COVID on productivity, and labour shortages continue to be a challenge; however, cattle producers have excelled, and have proven to be an essential service worth investing in,” he added.

“Going forward, we must take active steps to encourage a greater openness to conversations about mental health and wellbeing issues, and to support each other as we contend with the challenges associated with working and living on a farm.”

Driven by industry and led by AgForce Cattle Board Director Mark Davie’s Sustainability Steering Group, the ABSF was developed to meet the changing expectations of customers, consumers, and investors, while identifying opportunities for industry improvement.

Mr Wilson said the report continued to get better every year; however, in 2022 a much-needed shake-up had taken place, resulting in better indicators, more data, and new markers added, including the nutritional value of beef and consumer perception.

“The priorities and indicators of this report constantly need reworking to best reflect the changes in industry performance, and to line up with consumer perspectives,” he said.

“Securing reliable and robust data remains a key challenge for the industry, but AgForce would like to congratulate Mark Davie and the group for its commitment to ongoing improvements.

“This is our way of showcasing the beef industry and sharing positive stories with our communities and focusing on what this great industry has to offer.”



For media comments contact: Cattle Board President Will Wilson 0408 757 448