27 April 2022.

AgForce has welcomed a new Queensland Government campaign to help fight fire ants.

Don’t spread fire ants aims to raise awareness of the rules around moving materials that can carry and spread the pest. This includes soil, hay, mulch, gravel, and other organic materials.

As you know, compliance plays a crucial role in helping prevent the spread of fire ants in South East Queensland and beyond.

While fire ants have so far remained a SEQ problem, movement of infested materials could potentially move them into other regions.

Over the next three months look out for advertising on:

  • billboards in new developments and high-transit areas
  • petrol station bowsers in key locations travelling out of Brisbane
  • social media and other digital platforms
  • commercial radio and other audio streaming services.

It is hoped that the campaign will educate industries and communities on the spread of fire ants, and ultimately lead to eradication.

In addition, Fire ant training is available online 24/7.

Anyone who has any questions about the fire ant movement controls should visit the fire ant website or email