7 February 2022. 

To ensure critical work and supply can continue in Queensland, an employer in a critical industry can create a list of critically essential roles.

In addition, a close contact who performs a critically essential role is also considered a critically essential worker.

If your employer decides you are a critically essential worker, you can leave quarantine to do your job, if you:

  • have no COVID-19 symptoms
  • are vaccinated with two doses of a vaccine and, if eligible, a booster shot.

This does not apply to someone who has COVID-19 – if you have COVID-19, you need to isolate for 7 days.

critical industry includes:

  • agriculture and fisheries production

critically essential role:

  • requires a person with particular skills; and
  • must be performed in person at the workplace; and
  • must continue to be performed to:
    • prevent an immediate risk of death or serious injury to a person; or
    • prevent serious harm (social, economic or physical) in the community.

For more information please visit: Critically Essential Worker requirements | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (