23 November 2021. 

AgForce has welcomed new APVMA Minor Use Permits, enabling 1080 aerial, ground and fruit baiting for feral pig management across Queensland. 

Biosecurity Queensland applied for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority APVMA Minor Use Permits after the transition from departmental to commercial supply for 1080 vertebrate poison to local government coordinated baiting programs.

The commercial labels for 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) do not include feral pig aerial baiting, nor baiting by injecting mango and banana fruit which had been dyed green. The label stipulates feral pig baits to be placed in a bait station.

It is essential to read the entire permit before use and abide by the requirements.

  • APVMA Permit 89377 for mango or banana baits in eight coastal shires in north Queensland. Can be used for cane, banana and mango properties and adjacent areas.
  • APVMA Permit 89572 for aerial and ground baiting of feral pigs with injected meat baits. The permit outlines 32 shires can use either aerial or ground baiting and five shires for ground baiting only.

Land managers can access 1080 poison either through their local government coordinated baiting programs, biosecurity officer, commercial bait operator or buying direct from a supplier after applying to Queensland Health for a ‘Landholders General Approval for Restricted S7 poisons’