2 September 2021. 

Peak agricultural organisation AgForce is stepping up efforts to ensure cane farmers in Queensland receive the recognition and support they deserve by announcing it will appoint a dedicated Cane Services Manager and provide access to a wider range of benefits for cane members.

AgForce adopted cane in May 2020 with Burdekin-based cane farmer group Invicta Combined Growers’ Organisation (ICGO) becoming its fourth commodity – AgForce Cane – in what General President Georgie Somerset said at the time was, “…a significant moment in AgForce’s history of proud and vigorous advocacy for agriculture…”

AgForce Cane Board President Ricky Mio said that once appointed the Cane Services Manager would work closely with cane stakeholders, including with mills along the north Queensland coast, and that the announcement was another important step in gaining better representation for AgForce’s current and future cane members.

“This announcement is recognition of the enormous benefits cane is bringing to AgForce,” Mr Mio said.

“The new Cane Services Manager will provide an even greater level of focus on delivering value to cane farmers by tapping into the full suite of services already enjoyed by AgForce’s cattle, grains, and sheep & wool members. 

“That’s not only the strong advocacy efforts of policy experts and elected representatives working for members on important issues like Reef. 

“It’s making the most of our relationships with key stakeholders and better connecting members with our fantastic Regional Managers – who are on the ground with producers in their own backyards.”

Mr Mio said AgForce’s network of state-wide Regional Managers facilitated producer workshops, arranged industry-led events with corporate partners, organised meet and greets with local politicians, and provided plenty of chances for producers to connect with each other at social activities.

He said AgForce memberships were now being offered to the remaining Wilmar mills, including Plane Creek and Proserpine, and from 2022 to any cane farmer who wanted to try a different way of doing things.

“Many cane farmers have also diversified into commodities like cattle or cropping,” Mr Mio said.

“They were looking for improved representation and are now getting it from AgForce. 

“AgForce continues to position itself as a key participant in the sugarcane industry, most recently by securing participation in CRC’s northern Australia “Sugarcane Industry Roadmap to 2040” project.

“The steps we’re taking now, the changes we’re making, and the dedicated staff being put in place are all about maximising benefits for the cane farmer, and in turn maximising their productivity and profitability.

“That’s something I think we can all get exciting about.”


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