16 August 2021. 

Calling all woolgrowers!

Have your say as part of WoolPoll 2021 to help shape the future direction of the wool industry.

Held every three years, WoolPoll is a voluntary vote of all wool levy payers through which the industry decides its levy rate for investment in research, development and marketing activities conducted by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

AgForce is encouraging all wool growers to start considering their preferred levy rate now, ahead of the voting period.

This year’s WoolPoll comes at an interesting time for the Australian sheep industry as it emerges from drought in large parts of the country and looks to rebuild the national flock.

We have also seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted supply and demand for wool globally.

As a result it is more important than ever for woolgrowers to discuss WoolPoll, and to start a conversation with their peers about what they want to invest in R&D and marketing for wool through AWI.

The WoolPoll 2021 Voter Information Memorandum will be sent out to all woolgrowers in the coming weeks, explaining the different options to vote on as well as the different ways to have your say.

It is important that all levy payers ensure their contact details are up to date with AWI so they receive the Voter Information Memorandum in a timely manner, by contacting the AWI office.

This year’s WoolPoll will also feature a supplementary question which will ask woolgrowers whether they want a five-year WoolPoll cycle, or if they want to remain with the current three-year voting cycle.

Voting for WoolPoll 2021 opens on Monday 13 September and closes on Friday 5 November. More information is available on the WoolPoll website.