14 June 2021. 

AgForce is encouraging Queensland landholders in the Great Artesian Basin to apply for funding to cap and pipe bores.

This latest funding will go towards on-property projects that involve managing water flow by rehabilitating or replacing bores, and replacing open bore drains with pipes, tanks and troughs.

Landholders can apply to cover up to 90 per cent of the total project costs, and applications will be received over two rounds this year:

  • Round 1: Open now - closes 16 July
  • Round 2: Opens 16 August – closes 19 November

Applications received within the above periods and assessed as eligible will be added to a pool of applications, which may be considered for possible future funding.

Offers of funding for eligible applications will depend on the proposed ‘value for money’ and available grant funds.

Funding is available as part of the Great Artesian Basin Rehabilitation Program (GABRP), which succeeded the GABSI.

To discuss your application, please contact a member of the Great Artesian Basin Project Management Office (GABPMO) by: