27 April 2021. By AgForce CEO Michael Guerin. Also published at Queensland Country Life.

Out of the initial confusion and fear that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic came a thunderous realisation by the public of the importance of our food supply, and with it, the importance of agriculture.

While much of the country shut down, our nation’s farmers continued producing and many Aussies in lockdown at home also found the pleasure that comes from getting dirt under their fingernails with the rapid rise of home veggie gardens.

While many industries slowed or ground to a halt, AgForce was busier than ever: helping secure agriculture as an essential service, keeping State borders open to ensure the uninterrupted supply of produce, forging stronger ties with all levels of government as it became clear agriculture would help lead us in the post-COVID recovery.

In everything we did, communication was crucial, as it so often is for an industry that struggles to promote the fantastic work being done against the seemingly endless tide of negativity and tall tales generated by sophisticated green groups with more money, numbers, and enthusiasm for a fight than farmers growing food and fibre have traditionally had.

It therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise that communication has been identified as a key feature in the development of AgForce’s new strategic plan.

We know there’s no point always talking to each other. We need to extend our reach beyond the regions and let everyone throughout the State know we’re here – that we’re the people who grow the food in their shopping trolleys each and every week.

It’s also why we’re asking for you to get involved with us – our agricultural army – to share the truth, to help shape our future, to join in the conversation and let us know what you believe we should be doing during the next three years.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to reach out to people in the cities, visit AgForce’s Stand With Regional Queensland website You can also get involved on social media by using the hashtag #standwithregqld.

It’s time we got better at telling our story – it’s a good news story, not only for farmers, but for everyone.