31 March 2021.


Managing Total Grazing Pressure

They’re an Australian icon, a symbol of this great land, and loved by many.

But when it comes to agriculture, kangaroos present a problem, and as such are both a pest and commodity.

Given that they decimate crops, compete with livestock for pasture, destroy fences, and cause havoc on the roads, roos simply cannot be left to their own devices.

AgForce’s Macropod Policy seeks to manage kangaroos to a sustainable level in accordance with Total Grazing Pressure to benefit social, economic, and environmental outcomes.

We recognise there is a short term need to reduce macropod numbers to reduce grazing pressure, but also a long term need to develop trade and sustainable industry.

We aim to:

  • Advocate that landholders have priority rights and recognise their primary role in the management of macropods
  • Engage all stakeholders in a timely manner (through review of the Macropod Management Plan, Macropod Conservation Plan, and Wildlife Trade and Export Act)
  • Recognise macropod harvesters as essential partners in the supply chain and encourage supply chain cooperation to support industry and market development
  • Manage Total Grazing Pressure within the capability of the land
  • Recognise the coexistence of macropods and primary enterprise
  • Campaign for crisis control mitigation measures