15 March 2021. Last updated 7 April 2021.

Preview of member login welcome email

We heard you!

You told us that the previous member portal was not user-friendly, with usernames and passwords that were difficult to remember.

So we’ve made a new – simple to navigate – version and it’s now live and ready to use.

Now your username is your email address, and you can set and reset your own password yourself – directly on the portal – at any time.

You can update all of your AgForce membership details online too, in addition to accessing member-only content and benefits, and you also have access to your property-specific maps and the ability to pay membership invoices online.

As an added bonus, the new members portal will also encourage greater two-way interaction between members and AgForce staff and electeds, instead of information going in one direction – which was largely the case in the past.

What happens next?

You will receive a personal email invite before Friday 19 March. Simply click on the “accept the invitation” and then enter a new password. 

Happy navigating! We look forward to welcoming you soon.