Board approved August 2018. Current as of 5 February 2021.
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Australia’s animal welfare standards, including the way livestock are managed on-farm and treated throughout the supply chain, play a significant role in maintaining our enviable international market status.

This policy is informed by the Five Domains model which looks to balance positive and negative effects to ensure production animals lead ‘a good life’ within the bounds and practicalities of production.

Representing broadacre livestock production in Queensland, we believe good animal welfare and husbandry practices are integral to sustainable business practices and promote continuous improvement in animal welfare.

AgForce supports:

  1. implementation of Australian animal welfare standards into Queensland legislation
  2. introduction of animal welfare to the Livestock Production Assurance program
  3. development of technologies that improve animal health and wellbeing including genetics, pain relief and other husbandry improvements
  4. use of pain relief when conducting invasive husbandry procedures as recommended within the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for cattle and sheep
  5. use of vaccinations as required for maximising and optimising herd/flock health
  6. research and development that increase a producer’s ability to manage their livestock’s welfare needs
  7. continuous improvement in animal husbandry and handling, taking every opportunity to promote best practice.

Working towards continuous improvement

AgForce encourages producers to:

  1. seek out every opportunity to take proactive steps to continuously improve animal welfare practices that deliver practical outcomes, and
  2. showcase and benchmark them.

We work towards continuous improvement in animal welfare by:

  1. working with the Queensland Government on welfare policy development through the Animal Welfare Ministerial Advisory Board
  2. working with national peak industry groups including National Farmers’ Federation, Cattle Council of Australia, Sheep Producers Australia, Wool Producers Australia, and Goat Industry Council of Australia
  3. controlling all feral animals to reduce predation on livestock; and seeking the adoption of new and improved control methods and technology
  4. supporting Meat & Livestock Australia’s commitment of $35 million over five years to the Strategic Partnership for Animal Welfare Research, Development and Adoption. The project aims to identify options to replace invasive practices such as branding, dehorning and castration. It will also invest in tools to improve early detection of disease, test immunity and options to reduce mortality rates.
  5. aiming to provide or support to other new programs that are leading the way in animal welfare.

AgForce will identify opportunities to support benchmarking programs including the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework and the Australian Sheep Sustainability Framework.

In addition to existing benchmarking goals, we aim to benchmark uptake of new technology or animal handling techniques that reduce animal stress and losses from management or environmental conditions through the extension of information embedding animal welfare in our communications plan.