5 January 2021. By AgForce General President Georgie Somerset. Also published at Queensland Country Life.

AgForce Young Producers Council members

A new year often brings with it a sense of positivity. Resolutions are made – and quickly broken! – people look to move house or to start a new job.

AgForce’s resolution of sorts is to look to the future, and what could be more future focused and positive than a group of fresh-faced regional Queenslanders who together form our new Young Producers’ Council.

The future of agriculture in Queensland, and indeed the future of AgForce, rests with the next generation of producers, and the members of the Young Producers’ Council – Tamara Finger, Teresa Fox, James Henderson, Emma Knight, Bec McKeering, Scott Muller, Henry Roellgen, Ben Somerset, and Helen Ward – are an energetic, forward thinking, commercially minded group of 18-40-year olds passionate about the industry in Queensland.

Supported by foundation partners Nutrien and Suncorp, the Council is charged with engaging their peers in rural and regional Queensland, not only to raise awareness about what matters to young producers and the challenges they face, but to drive change and deliver positive outcomes for those striving to succeed in agriculture.

They will engage both AgForce members and non-members throughout regional Queensland via meetings, educational opportunities, and social activities.

And with Young Producer Council members representing a range of commodities and geographical locations, they will be well placed to address specific opportunities and challenges within their regions as they arise.

It is an exciting time for agriculture and AgForce. Fresh, innovative ideas are only ever a good thing, and they are made even better when the people behind them care so much about the job that they do.

AgForce members have already met each of the Council members in our flagship magazine, Envoy.

Everyone else can jump online – to our website or to one of our many social media channels – and learn more about the people who will help shape the future of agriculture – for us, and for everyone else who calls Queensland home.