9 November 2020.

Next week, at the Belmont Research Centre in central Queensland, your newly formed AgForce Board will meet to set its policy agenda for the next two years.

The Board will focus on the issues of greatest importance to advancing members’ interests, as well as those more broadly of agriculture in Queensland.

The efforts of the Board are always supported by skills-based policy committees and taskforces who provide essential advice on policy positions, new initiatives, and advocacy strategies, as well as considering significant emerging issues and resolutions from members.

And we want you to get involved!

Dedicated, passionate members like you are the lifeblood of AgForce and we would achieve very little without our committees and taskforces, supported by committed AgForce policy staff.

Being a committee or taskforce member is an exciting opportunity to help steer the future direction of the cattle, cane, grains, and sheep and wool industries in Queensland, and later this month we’ll be sending out formal Expressions of Interest about how you can get on board.

So watch this space, and if you’re interested, make sure you apply!