3 Nov 2020.

Earlier this year, it was NAB refusing to lend to feedlots, live exporters, and firearm suppliers, now ANZ is going to include carbon emissions limits as part of its lending conditions to certain sectors, including agriculture, processing, and transport.

This moral grand-standing by a sector which has shown itself to be ethically bankrupt is unacceptable, and will have a significant impact on all within our industry and our community.

AgForce’s fast, decisive response led to a very quick backdown by NAB in April. We hope that the same approach in calling out the ANZ will also bear fruit.

We acknowledge ANZ CEO Shayne Elliot for accepting our offer of a meeting to discuss the issue, and also Commonwealth Bank CEO Matt Comyn.

We have written to NAB and Westpac requesting meetings but are yet to receive a response.

Read our media release from Friday and our opinion column.