Make-up of Council

  • Council representatives will be primary producers in the 18-40-year-old age group.
  • Four commodity board representatives; six regional representatives (2 – NWQ/NEQ); an advisory representative; Inaugural Chair selected from the representative group.

Timing of formation

  • Formal interview process and selection of representatives will take place prior to the AgForce AGM in November 2020, where the inaugural AgForce Young Producers’ Council will be announced.
  • The Council will commence a two-year term on 1 January 2021 and will join the AQF Board and Commodity Boards in Brisbane in February for induction and networking.

Working with AgForce Board

  • The Council’s charter will be finalised by the AgForce Board, prior to the appointment of representatives.
  • Emphasis will be on shared goals.
  • Young Producers’ Council Chair to present to Board (over Zoom) at quarterly Board meetings.

Role of Council members

  • To participate in regular online meetings and quarterly regional ‘face to face’ meetings (timetable still to be determined), to discuss:
    • opportunities and challenges specific to each region and how this Council can have a positive impact and generate interest with young producers about their role in the future of agriculture
    • Current policy and when to advocate for change where pertinent to this demographic and the future of agriculture (in consultation with the AgForce Policy team)
    • Developments/priorities for Commodity boards
  • To participate in respective Regional Council meetings/Commodity Board meetings and update electeds on activities/observations
  • To engage regularly with your respective Board representative
  • To engage with both members and non-members in the regions, through educational and social activities

Key objectives of Council members

  • To identify the key issues for producers in the 18-40-year-old age group and where possible, drive change and deliver positive outcomes for this demographic
  • To raise awareness within AgForce of what matters and what are the challenges facing this demographic in rural and regional Queensland
  • To disseminate key messages on behalf of AgForce with the 18-40-year-old age group
  • To build the AgForce brand and its relevance with the 18-40-year-old age group

Benefits associated with the position

  • Opportunity to participate in professional development workshops
  • Allocated allowance to cover expenses associated with the role
  • Opportunity to acquire valuable board experience
  • Opportunity to attend a range of AgForce events, engage with industry leaders and build critical networks in the agriculture industry.