AgForce Sheep, Wool & Goat is the peak lobby group for Queensland sheep and goat producers, representing more than 5500 members. We support both sectors of the sheep industry – sheepmeat and wool – recognising that both must be profitable to maintain a prosperous sheep industry into the future.
We work on members' behalf to ensure the long-term growth, viability, competitiveness and profitability of the sheep industry in Queensland, an industry which is the backbone of many rural and regional communities.

Stephen Tully
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Policy Director
Jaime Colley
0428 889 052
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Paul Doneley
Anita Denis
Boyd Webb

South East
Matthew Bartlett 

Pieter Van Jaarsveld
South West

Southern Inland
Brett Smith (VP)
Benn Wilson
Karen Huskisson

Special Directors
Sophie Madge (Sheep Meat)
Campbell McPhee (Goats)
Bruce McLeish

Producer representation
As a state farm organisation, our key task is to ensure that the view of sheep and wool producers in Queensland is heard at the national level. To do this, we maintain a national affiliation with the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SMC), a member body of the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) and WoolProducers Australia (WPA). We have a seat on both boards, meaning that the views of the industry in Queensland, is heard at a national level. We also have a seat on the Goat Industry Council of Australia, to represent goat producers throughout Queensland.

Your representatives
Your AgForce Sheep, Wool & Goat board directors volunteer a huge amount of their time to meet with members, policymakers, market experts and other key representatives of the sheep industry to formulate sound policies and deliver these to government and industry service providers.
You – through resolutions put forward at AgForce branch/regional meetings – have a direct role in setting the policy of AgForce Sheep & Wool. We are the only state farm organisation to have a direct policy-setting link between producers and directors; there are no extra layers of bureaucracy where your opinions could get lost.
A key role of AgForce Sheep, Wool  & Goat directors is to discuss relevant issues with members to advise of recent developments and hear direct feedback from you.

Your levy
Your levies are used by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) to deliver research, development and marketing programs that advance the sheepmeat and wool industries.
The industry's peak councils, including the SMC have an oversight role in the use of the levy funds that go to MLA, including approval rights for MLAs annual operating plan. WoolProducers provide feedback to AWI, on how they as the peak national body for the wool industry should be spent. So the only way in which you can have a direct role in setting how MLA  and AWI spend the levy funds is through your state farm organisations – like AgForce. It requires extensive work to assess and review the many marketing and R&D programs, but AgForce Sheep & Wool board members travel long distances to do so, knowing that this is the only way to ensure levy funds are spent appropriately so producers reap benefits from the work of industry service providers.
If you are not a member of your state farm organisation then you cannot influence the outcomes of MLA and AWI's R&D and marketing spend. It is only through direct involvement that you can play a role in steering MLA/AWI and SMC and WPA policy and the directions of government to ensure beneficial outcomes for the Queensland industry.


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