Shaping the Future - AgForce School to Industry Partnership Program

Shaping the Future - AgForce School to Industry Partnership Program

AgForce believes in promoting agriculture to the next generation by encouraging today's students to consider a challenging and fulfilling career in a rural industry.

AgForce's School to Industry Partnership Program, the only program of its kind in Australia, has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2004.

This vital program engages with 10,000 students and teachers a year about the diversity and potential of choosing a career in agriculture and the importance of agriculture in their lives.

Campaign to #SaveSIPP
AgForce is campaigning to save this important program after we received news that the funding would cease at the end of 2018.

Read AgForce's media releases on the campaign HERE and HERE.

Contact the Minister's office or your local MP
You can join in the fight to help #save SIPP  by sharing posts from the SIPP team and AgForce on Facebook and writing to your local MP or the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Mark Furner and tell them how important this program is to you. Please see names and contact details of Queensland MPs HERE.

A template letter is available HERE.

To contact Agriculture Minister Mark Furner’s office directly, phone 07 3719 7420 or email

Key messages you can use are available HERE.

Sign the petition to #SaveSIPP HERE.

What is SIPP about?
The Queensland School to Industry Partnership Program (SIPP) is an AgForce Queensland initiative currently run by AgForce and supported by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAFQ). The Program began in 2004 and has continued in Queensland through support from DAFQ and AgForce.

Its primary aims are to:

  • Promote rural and related industries as an exciting, vibrant and desirable career.
  • Increase the number of people entering rural careers or undertaking higher education or training in agriculture.
  • Increase public understanding and appreciation of agriculture and related industries, particularly in young people with particular focus on school students.
  • Increase industry engagement with schools and associated linkages and program development.

Strategies to achieve these goals are separated into three key areas: industry engagement, school engagement, and communications and marketing.

What do they need to know?

  •     Where does food come from?
  •     How does it grow?
  •     Where does fibre come from?
  •     How is it grown?

How does SIPP assist with teaching students about food and fibre?

  •     Through classroom talks
  •     With stories and props such as grains and fleece
  •     Through support with school gardens where students can learn about  growing fruit and vegetables
  •     Through visits to school farms where students can participate in        
    hands-on activities
  •     At rural and country shows
  •     Rural Discovery Day at the Ekka
  •     Moo Baa Munch
  •     Rural Volunteers – Farmer in the Classroom
  •     Land management field trips

What do they need to know?

  •     Career opportunities
  •     Further study options available
  •     What industry is looking for
  •     What other resources are available

How does SIPP assist with teaching students about further study and career opportunities?

  •     Through classroom talks
  •     By breaking the industry in to animals, plants and science   
  •     Through rural industry days
  •     On local industry days
  •     In collaboration with other peak bodies
  •     At Moo Baa Munch
  •     Through supporting events
  •     And competitions
  •     At a wide range of career expos
  •     With career booklets
  •     Through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter

Contact the SIPP team HERE.

Shaping the Future - AgForce School to Industry Partnership Program

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