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Allflex Australia was established forty years ago to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers. They continue to innovate and lead ID technologies to assist livestock industries worldwide.

With more ear tag companies entering the market with NLIS cattle and visual tags, you may be asking yourself how to choose which brand to buy. In Australia, Allflex RFID cattle tags have been accredited to the highest NLIS standards since 1999, and have proven to offer unrivalled reliability, readability and retention. Allflex is the tag of choice used by almost all large pastoral companies in Australia as well as throughout the supply chain. Saleyards and abattoirs have widely recognised Allflex tags as superior in their operations.

All AgForce members would have received a special ear tag key ring attached to an edition of Envoy. The ear tag has the special code 'ALLAGFORCE' on it, this is needed along with your membership number to access AgForce member-only discounts from Allflex.

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Allflex Australia

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