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AgForce welcomes Cane Board and new members

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

AgForce Cane is now a reality, with AgForce and the former Invicta Combined Growers Organisation (ICGO) signing and lodging the official paperwork on Friday.From today, any cane farmer in Burdekin /...

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Assistance rightly continued as drought rages on

Monday, 25 May 2020

AgForce has applauded the State Government for its decision to continue offering essential drought support measures for a further year as drought conditions continue across much of Queensland.In...

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AgForce Cane looks forward to May start – in time for crushing season

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

It is expected that North Queensland cane farmer group Invicta Combined Growers’ Organisation (ICGO) will become AgForce Cane before the end of the month.ICGO members have formally voted to...

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Northern Australian cattle producer-exporter collaboration shines through amidst Covid-19 restrictions

Monday, 11 May 2020

BackgroundThe Northern Australian Livestock Export Working Group (NALEWG) was formed in September 2018 and is a collaboration between:AgForce Queensland Farmers Limited (AgForce)Kimberley Pilbara...

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AgForce welcomes State waivers on land rent, transport fees

Friday, 1 May 2020

Pastoralists with grazing leases on crown land are celebrating this week after the State Government announced a 6‑month waiver on land rents – other than minimum rent leases – to...

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AgForce Cane one step closer with favourable ICGO vote

Friday, 1 May 2020

The establishment of cane as AgForce’s fourth commodity is one step closer, with a Special General Meeting of the Invicta Combined Growers’ Organisation (ICGO) today endorsing the...

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MSF applauded for molasses promise to cattle industry. Now, for the rest…

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020

AgForce has welcomed the decision by MSF Sugar to guarantee a molasses supply from their mills to the Australian cattle industry as it recovers from a record-breaking drought.We encourage other mills...

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AgForce taking on cane less ‘surprising’ than it may first appear

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020

By AgForce CEO Michael Guerin. More than 20 years ago, the agriculture industry was surprised when three very different peak bodies – the Cattlemen’s Union of Australia, United...

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AgForce to introduce cane as a fourth commodity – pending Invicta vote

Friday, 24 Apr 2020

The AgForce Board has decided in-principle to introduce cane as the peak body’s fourth commodity – subject to several prerequisites.One of these prerequisites is that members of Invicta...

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‘Radical activism’ the last thing we need in our banks

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020

The apparent refusal of some banks to lend to industries they believe are “socially sensitive” – such as firearms and live animal exports – has been condemned by AgForce as...

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Australia won’t go hungry while our farmers have our backs

Tuesday, 24 Mar 2020

While we live in troubling times, there is one thing Australians don’t have to worry – running out of high-quality fresh food.The agriculture industry is reassuring Australians that...

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Government misrepresents AgForce to ‘sell’ Reef regs to farmers

Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020

AgForce has asked that the Queensland Government immediately and publicly retract misinformation being spread by its officers that AgForce supports the new Reef regulations and mandatory...

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Clock ticking on primary producer land valuations

Tuesday, 3 Mar 2020

AgForce is warning primary producers throughout Queensland not to delay if they want to object to their new land valuations – or risk being lumped with higher rates and rent.The Valuer...

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Forum to set agenda for NQ beef industry

Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

Widespread rains across northern Queensland have reinvigorated the region’s cattle producers with a new sense of optimism and a desire to set the industry on the path to meet its full...

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Ag industry gives Queensland Government a ‘FAIL’ for college project

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020

Last week’s abolition of the Queensland Agricultural Colleges Act without any vision or plan for replacing the institutions has led a frustrated ag industry to hand the State Government an...

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AgForce looks forward to working with ‘critical’ new Queensland Ministers

Thursday, 6 Feb 2020

AgForce has congratulated Queensland-based Ministers David Littleproud and Keith Pitt on their new portfolios and looks forward to further strengthening our relationships with their critical...

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AgForce ‘Stands Up’ for fair trade with powerhouse EU beef market

Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020

AgForce has called on the European Union – one of the world’s largest consumers of red meat – to play fair when it comes to international trade.CEO Michael Guerin said the...

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Lake Eyre basin consultation unearths rich vein of community frustration

Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020

AgForce’s community consultation on the State Government’s Lake Eyre Basin proposal has revealed a deep sense of frustration and disenfranchisement among Queensland’s regional...

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Advocacy is looking out for each other – and we need you

Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

By AgForce General President Georgie SomersetI have been amazed and touched this week by the outpouring of congratulations I have received as a result of my Order of Australia.To say I was surprised...

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AgForce congratulates trailblazing Georgie Somerset on Order of Aust

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020

AgForce is thrilled that our General President Georgie Somerset has been named a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her long-term advocacy for rural and regional Australians.CEO...

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AgForce coordinator to reduce wild dog impacts in central west Queensland

Friday, 24 Jan 2020

AgForce has appointed a new Central West Queensland Wild Dog Coordinator to help revive Queensland’s once thriving wool and sheep meat industries by reducing the threat posed by wild...

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Government’s failure to grasp drought crisis ‘shameful’: AgForce

Thursday, 16 Jan 2020

The failure of the State Government to appreciate the seriousness of the drought crisis – and its ongoing unwillingness to accept advice from people on the ground – have left many rural...

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Where is the Premier on drought support?

Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020

By AgForce Drought Working Group Chair Mark CollinsSometimes it amazes me how uncaring and out of touch governments can be, even with a crisis as urgent, as widespread, as potentially catastrophic in...

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AgForce locks in dates for our Lake Eyre Basin consultation

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020

AgForce has locked in dates for a series of consultation workshops to discuss the future of the Lake Eyre Basin (LEB) and the State Government’s proposal, encouraging everyone to mark them on...

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AgForce to conduct Lake Eyre plan consultation

Monday, 6 Jan 2020

With the State Government refusing to conduct genuine consultation on its Lake Eyre Basin (LEB) plan – or even release any information on what the plan entails – AgForce has stepped in to...

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AgForce will hold State Government to account on its ‘sham’ Lake Eyre consultation

Tuesday, 24 Dec 2019

The State Government has finished the year as it began – developing new environmental legislation in secret meetings with greens activist groups without offering other stakeholders an...

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Banks take fresh look at supporting farm businesses through drought

Friday, 20 Dec 2019

AgForce General President Georgie Somerset has commended the banking sector for their commitment to understanding the long-term, on-the-ground impacts of drought on farming families and investigating...

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Let’s solve water security before we worry about water meters: AgForce

Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019

The current furore over water meters is “putting the water cart before the horse” according to AgForce, who say the State first needs to solve its water security issue.AgForce’s...

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Environment roundtable shows State Govt has learnt nothing

Friday, 6 Dec 2019

The State Government’s deliberate exclusion of farmers and other industry groups from a roundtable convened to discuss environmental issues shows how little it has learnt about the importance...

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Growing national interest in ‘natural capital’ a potential game-changer

Thursday, 5 Dec 2019

AgForce has welcomed endorsement by the National Farmers Federation (NFF) and the Federal Government that the concept of ‘natural capital’ offers a way to improve both environmental...

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AgForce persistence delivers lay pregnancy testing for cattle industry

Monday, 2 Dec 2019

AgForce has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Agriculture Industry Development Mark Furner that certified producers will soon be able to conduct pregnancy tests and ovarian scanning on...

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Speech: General President's report, AgForce AGM 2019

Friday, 29 Nov 2019

By General President Georgie SomersetWelcome and acknowledgmentsI am very proud to be talking to you today as General President at AgForce my first AGM.And what a year it has been! One of the...

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Speech: Georgie Somerset for AgForce's 20th anniversary event

Thursday, 28 Nov 2019

Hi everyone. Most of you would know I’m Georgie Somerset, South Burnett cattle producer and General President of AgForce.I hope everyone is having fun tonight and not talking shop too much....

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AgForce brings the Bush to Brissie for National Ag Day

Thursday, 21 Nov 2019

AgForce brought the Bush to Brissie today to celebrate National Agriculture Day.The lunchtime crowd in Queen Street Mall were able to quench their curiosity about farmers and their way of life...

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AgForce will step in if industry requests molasses imports

Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

AgForce will step in to assist Queensland graziers source molasses for stock feed if the industry is prepared to support the solution.CEO Michael Guerin said AgForce said they were hearing increasing...

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AgForce questions Government commitment to invasive species control

Monday, 18 Nov 2019

With threats such as African Swine Fever and prickly acacia making biosecurity more important to Queensland agriculture than ever, AgForce has questioned the State Government’s commitment to...

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Legendary Sir Leo headlines free AgForce ‘Climate for Change’ forum

Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

With Queensland experiencing unprecedented drought, floods and fires this year, agriculture is bearing the brunt of an increasingly unpredictable and volatile climate.Producers can find out how to...

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Positive boost for communities as drought impacts grow: AgForce

Thursday, 7 Nov 2019

Federal Government drought support measures announced today will deliver much needed economic stimulus for farm-dependent communities and small businesses doing it tough as they brace for another...

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Science-based Bradfield-type water scheme could reverse rural decline: AgForce

Friday, 1 Nov 2019

AgForce has commended both sides of politics for their vision in taking a fresh look at the pre-war Bradfield Scheme, saying it had the potential to reverse the decline of regional Queensland and...

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AgForce welcomes NBN focus on the bush

Thursday, 31 Oct 2019

AgForce has today commended NBN Co for establishing a new business unit focused solely on servicing rural, regional and remote Australia. Gavin Williams, who has been appointed Chief Development...

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AgForce’s ‘Moo Baa Munch’ bigger than ever despite funding cuts

Friday, 25 Oct 2019

AgForce has secured State Government funding to guarantee almost 700 students will have the chance to learn about the range of exciting job opportunities in agriculture and where their food and fibre...

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AgForce What’s your beef? event to set agenda for industry’s future

Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

There’s a lot going on in the beef industry at the moment.The Red Meat 2030 strategy, the proposal to create a unified red meat peak body, the imminent introduction of new Reef regulations, the...

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AgForce welcomes $57bn red meat vision – as long as producers benefit

Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

AgForce has welcomed the Red Meat Advisory Council’s (RMAC) vision for a $57 billion industry outlined in the Red Meat 2030 strategy – provided there is more producer involvement and...

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Qld Govt undermining revolutionary drought program for ‘petty politics’

Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

In what must be a new low, the Queensland Government is attempting to subvert the forward-looking Future Drought Fund announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison last month to score cheap political...

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AgForce young producers’ forum sets scene for innovation in Townsville

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

Agriculture’s track record of innovation has never been more important, as the industry grapples with a host of unprecedented issues and sets its sights on doubling the value of farmgate...

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