AgForce Elections

AgForce Elections

Nominations and ballots have now closed

The first stage of the AgForce elections process is now complete with over 60 nominations received for positions on AgForce Boards and Regional Councils. Find out more HERE including who will be your new General President.

The successful candidates for uncontested positions on AgForce Boards and regional councils have been ratified  by AgForce’s Nomination and Renumeration Committee.

Find out who will be representing you for the next two years below.

AgForce Elected Representatives HERE

Cattle Board HERE

Grains Board HERE

Sheep & Wool Board HERE

A ballot was held for the Grains president position. Read the declaration HERE.

Sign in at the top right hand corner of the page to access the TrueVote Ballot Report of this election below.

Code of Conduct and Communications Protocols
You can access the Code of Conduct and Communications Protocols for elected representatives through the links.

AgForce Organisational Flow Chart


AgForce Regions

Image below includes AgForce Regions breakdown in relation to Local Government boundaries.

PDF can be downloaded from HERE.

AgForce Elections

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