Collaborative Project to Combat Pimelea Weed Poisoning of Cattle

If you are concerned about Pimelea weed, please join the collaborative network of producers and businesses backing a research project examining how to combat this toxic weed. The research will focus on rumen detoxification and improved best management of this seasonal weed affecting vast areas of inland Australia.

Funding guidelines require an industry, research organisation and small to medium enterprises to jointly lodge the application and we need industry support and matching dollars to make a research grant application to the Australian Government’s ‘AusIndustry CRC-Projects’.

Potential project partners, to date, include the University of Queensland, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Queensland’s Future Beef extension team and AgForce.

Our Goal
To establish a $1million project over 3 years.

What Do We need?
We need to collectively raise up to $500,000 from industry and partners to co-match the government grant. Companies may be entitled to a 45 per cent tax offset rebate for contributions to R&D.

How Can You Contribute?
Individual producers and trusts may be willing to contribute the cash proceeds from the sale of one or more livestock or similar. In-kind contributions may be for activities such as voluntary labour to collect Pimelea plant samples, access to livestock for rumen samples, use of paddocks for a trial, helping with best practice field trials or hosting a field day.

Please use the attached form to pledge cash or in-kind and return to AgForce.

For more information, please contact Marie Vitelli at AgForce Queensland via email or call 07 3236 3100 or fax 07 3236 3077.

The project application to Australian Government for a co-matching grant closes on 22 March 2017

Your urgent response with support is greatly appreciated.
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