Every Family Needs A Farmer

Why does every family need a farmer?

The Every Family Needs a Farmer campaign is AgForce's innovative strategy to build understanding and empathy amongst urban consumers about the role of farming and farmers.

Research shows that although many people living in urban communities have empathy with the bush, but they don't necessarily understand the challenges country people face, or their modern and professional approach to farming.

It is important that Queenslander's understand where their food and fibre comes from and that farmers produce it in an environmentally sustainable manner, so they can make informed decisions when buying food or supporting policies.

Since 2006, Every Family Needs A Farmer has strengthened the city-country connection so consumers understand why the farming sector is important and needs to be valued.

The Every Family message


In 2006, the first campaign showcased the work a farming family does as food producers, animal carers, business owners, researchers and environmentalists. Play the ad

In 2007, Queensland league legend Shane Webcke took the campaign off-farm and showed that no farmers means no food. Play the ad

In 2008, Australian of the Year Lee Kernaghan set the musical backdrop to a snapshot of life on the land and how farmers care about our country. Play the ad

In 2009, AgForce showcased the professionalism of the people who grow, transport, process and sell food and fibre. Play the ad

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